Futurebirds – Psychedelic Space Country & “Hotel Parties” Engulf The Black Cat in DC!

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Photos by Josh Brick

They don’t make bands like this anymore. Futurebirds have it all. On Saturday night, their own breed of psychedelic country engulfed the Black Cat in DC as the group jumped up and down on-stage with a stage presence that has defined real Rock N’ Roll bands for decades.

The new album, Hotel Parties, explores tales of life on the road and coming back to the “real” world, if that’s even what you want to call it. Sunday night I was at dinner and clearly had some thoughts on my mind. The person next to me asked, “What are you thinking about?” Well I was thinking about how Futurebirds just crushed this new album, played one of the best concerts I’ve seen this year, and how they plan on taking that rock ‘n’ roll freight train all over the country for the next two months.


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