Futurebirds: Baba Yaga Review

April 15, 2013

Futurebirds are back for their 2nd full-length LP in effort to bottle their scintillating live show. For a band that thrives in a live setting, that is no easy feet. That being said, Baba Yaga see the Athens outfit getting more and more comfortable in the studio, and showing some tremendous growth from their debut Hampton’s Lullaby.Baba Yaga has the band growing and exploring in the cosmic Americana realm. Songs routinely are 5 minutes or longer, with the closer St. Summercamp stretching over eight minutes. Songs twist and build, but they always seen to have a way to finding their way to a nice payoff- whether it be a soaring chorus or guitar solo – electric or pedal.

Baba Yaga has the band combining so many things that have been done before and done well at that. The reverb, the ragged harmonies and liberal use of pedal steel. That being said, is done in such a fresh and genuine way that it feels like you in uncharted waters. Whether it be the closing guitar work at Virginia Slims or the chorus working with an almost tribal beat on Felix Helix, Futurebirds are looking to put their own stamp on Americana. That leads to great unique tracks like the churning rocker Serial Bowls, the spacey twang of Tan Lines and the epic closer St. Summpercamp.

While the lads have have put forth a great effort here, do everything you can to see them in their natural setting – on a stage with hair flying and amps blaring. There are few better young acts out there touring today.

Futurebirds – Baba Yaga [album review].

via Futurebirds – Baba Yaga [album review].

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