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Source: VanHoose: Flying high with the Futurebirds | Online Athens

The Futurebirds first flew onto my radar about two years ago. Blake Aued recommended them to me, and Blake is rarely wrong about anything.

I’ve interviewed the band a few times. I’ve had a few beers with a couple of members. I’ve listened to a few songs online. Still, whenever the Futurebirds came to town, I always had other plans.

I finally saw them last week at the 40 Watt, and now I’m kicking myself for not seeing them sooner.

The Futurebirds lined up in a three guitar formation — with a pedal steel, which is the secret ingredient — and played as hard as they could.

In between songs, band members reminisced to the crowd about the first show they played together as the Futurebirds a few years ago.

“It wasn’t anything like this,” one of the guys said. “It sucked.”

I have a hard time believing the show was bad. Clearly, the band has gained quite the following since then. A crowd of several hundred braved the cold and rain to come out and see them and donate money to charity — the Futurebirds headlined the Whatever It Takes benefit, which was a great show from start to finish.

At least three members in the band sing lead. The drummer also can play guitar, and one of the guitar players also can play the drums.

The aforementioned guitar players were great at jumping around and really stepping into their parts.

In turn, the crowd reacted by jumping around with them. All the pedal steel player did was keep his seat and throw down some of the nicest licks I’ve ever heard from that instrument.

Honestly, I couldn’t make out much of the lyrics at the show. And yet, I knew that I had found another band I could get into. I bought their first album the next day.

I hear the Futurebirds have been in the studio recording a sophomore effort. I can’t wait to hear it.