Thursday Lyric – Keith & Donna

By the end of the decade, though, the rock and road lifestyle had had its way with the Godchauxs: Keith had sunken into drug addiction, the couple’s relationship grew volatile and Donna was still struggling to hear herself onstage. “Keith and I, we were wasted,” she says. “We were exhausted. And the band was exhausted with us. Keith and I would be getting along but then I’d be mad at him, or blah, blah. . . all that kind of stuff is in the mix. There was all of the abuses — let’s call it that — that were involved in everything, and that added to the turmoil. The band knew we had to be out of the band, and Keith and I had been talking about ‘How in the world do you quit the Grateful Dead?'” At a group meeting at the Godchaux’s house in 1979, everyone came to a mutual decision: It was time for the couple to leave. “It was sad, but it was what needed to happen,” she says. “It was turning into being not profitable for anybody. We needed to go, and they needed for us to go.”

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Futurebirds EP

Breathe for Days Dirty D Please be responsible when you’re hauling my pink couch Please take care, the driveways around here tend to slouch Thought Dirty D could take on an elephant, even the whole MS-13 Those gangsters in Mexico would’ve loved to get their hands on such a fine killing machine Such a fine […]

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Thomas on Hamptahn’s Lullaby

Thomas: It’s actually a song that Womack and I wrote about a landlord we had where we lived in this house/ski lodge, which was actually advertised as the “Ski Chalet.” So, we wrote this song about this redneck that after everything he would say would end the sentence with, “If ya know what I mean?” […]

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